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To The Point: The Bible

The Bible is arguably the best-supported ancient text of all. This is a collection of links to back that assertion.

This topic is, by nature, something that requires more than summaries. It is an attack upon data and evidence, so such things must be examined in detail. Below is a collection of links by general topic to make it easier to quickly provide links in response to those proposed by opponents of the Bible. Such opponents rarely do their own research but instead copy and paste from sites with names like “evilbible” and “infidels”, so they deserve the same kind of response.

If any summary can be given, it is that most criticisms of the text of the Bible stem from baseless claims and poor logic, as well as a double standard since such pressure is never brought to bear upon any other ancient writing. That is, by the standards demanded by the Bible’s opponents, the writings to which they appeal fare far worse. So the Christian apologist must learn not only to defend but also to attack, to put their opponents under the same demands.

For example, challenge the claim that the Bible got its ideas from earlier pagan sources; make them prove that this is true. Remember that oral teachings long predate written ones, such that no one can say which ideas were first. And even if such proof were ever found, point out that the same idea can arise spontaneously from more than one person; think of the many disputes over patents or discoveries in history.

Regarding the Bible Versions Debate

One of the most divisive teachings in the Christian community has been the claim that only the King James Version of the Bible is correct (KJVO or KJV Only), and all modern translations (in English) are corrupt, Satanic, and heretical. Further, this teaching claims that the underlying Greek text used for the KJV is superior to all others by virtue of it being the "majority/received text", and that the KJV translation is "authorized" by God rather than an English king with an agenda. Typical catchphrases used by promoters of KJVO are "Bible believers" for themselves and "Bible corrupters" for others. The primary character of its proponents seems to be character assassination, fear, and judgment.

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